About Glittering Worlds

The glittering worlds is a collaborative project where worlds of a space faring civilisation are envisioned in text and images. Glittering worlds is the story of a space-based civilisation based on a post-human societies, where humans, genetically-modified humans, androids and other beings thrive and struggle. The project has its inception one afternoon in late 2011 when Kun Rong and I were discussing concepts in science fiction over coffee at the food court at 313 Somerset. We were brainstorming and had noted that thematic pieces could be more focused sometimes than random pieces. We had then spoken of a shared world where we would do illustrations having a thematic commonality. 

More than a year had passed since I had sketched out ideas of a post human civilisation in the skies on a page in a sketchbook. We had been sketching, painting and more. The ideas that we had envisioned then had remained stillborn, within the pages of our sketchbooks.

In the months that followed, the unofficial artist group that had consisted of refugees from larger and more established group had become one of freedom of expression and more. Ideas poured forth then. Established illustrators like Jerry and many others had come to draw with us since those early days.

Eventually, the carefree days had to end. The group slowly splintered due to distances, circumstances and more. 

In this platform, you will see the fruits of some of art which we had produced in those heady days. The project is still on-going as we produce new pieces.

February 2013, Chuang Shyue Chou

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